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Privacy Policy & Cookies

We take privacy seriously.
In the case of that’s very easy, because  we try to avoid collecting data  via this website.

Data & Privacy

This will be short, as at this point, as far as Beautiful Abstraction is concerned

  • we use a minimal number of cookies which you can manage and get information about in our cookies ‘banner’

apart from this

  • we do NOT collect personal information via this website (unless you email us, in which case we receive and store your email address and other information you submit)
  • we do NOT collect any behavioural data, as we do not conduct web analytics
  • we do NOT use any social plugins
  • we do NOT receive third party user data for the operation of this website
  • we do NOT apply automated decision making and/or profiling with user data

Please note that if you access external links, the target service may collect such data.

How can I control cookies?

You can inform yourself about the cookies we set and manage them consent via our cookie banner.

For general information about cookies and how to disable them, please visit

Who we are and how to get in touch

We are Beautiful Abstraction. You can contact us here. For further information please see this website’s T&Cs.


This Privacy Notice is in place to inform you, in line with our general obligations, and in particular in line with Article 13 of the UK GDPR, of the processing by us of your personal data. It isn’t a contractual document, so we don’t ask you to “agree” to it, or claim that by reading it you are taken to have agreed to it.

Please note that where we are offering goods or services to individuals in the European Union we will also be subject to the GDPR itself (not just the UK GDPR). In those cases you would also have the right to make a complaint, under Article 77, to another GDPR supervisory authority.